Golf course testimonies





Klaas Nierop /

President Greener Soil Screener 


Hi Klaas,

I just wanted to let you know that our Greener Soil Screener has already paid for itself just a couple of  months after purchase!

We are very fortunate here at the Summerland Golf and Country Club to have a large quantity of sand, topsoil and compost that can be utilized by us. The Greener Soil Screener has allowed us to easily screen our products of rock and unwanted debris, leaving us with a product that we can use for reclamation projects, divot mix, and for topdressing.

The screens are very easy to switch and the screener itself is quite easy to move around with our skid steer loader.

Thanks Klaas,

Patric Kerr, Summerland Golf and Country Club,


Hi Klaas,

We love the Greener Soil Screener, it takes a waste product and turns it into a usable product with no cost to operate and zero maintenance. Amazing product. The Greener Soil Screener is definitely the ” Green ” way to go!


Jenn Rozek 

Superintendent, Shuswap Lake Esates  


Hi Klaas

I  just wanted to let you know how much I look forward using the Greener Soil Screener that we purchased last season from you.

Here in Princeton we have a hard time getting sand that is free from small pebbles which cause a lot of damage to our mowers and looks ugly in our sand traps. The Greener Soil Screener is the answer to our problem. We can now screen the sand ourselves and save a lot of money by doing so.

The Greener Soil Screener is so simple to use, that I can send any of my workers that have some spare time over to screen sand and in little time  have a stock pile of stone free sand waiting for us to use.

Next Golf season we plan on using the Greener Soil Screener often. Not only will we be able to top dress more because of the better quality sand, but also we plan on using the screener on all of our bunkers to remove the many rocks that have accumulated in them over the years.

Can’t wait. It should make a huge improvement to our course.

Thanks again

Ian Elko, Superintendent Princeton Golf Club


Hi Klaas,

Kelowna Springs Golf Course bought a Greener Soil Screener 2 years ago and have found it simple to operate and easy to move to work sites.It has allowed us to screen otherwise unusable, old soil piles into reclaimed top soil. It is used to screen our compost piles of sand, leaves and grass clippings back into a rich, clean compost product, as well as to screen unwanted pebbles out of our topdressing sand. We have been very pleased with its performance. 

Brian Klein, Superintendent Kelowna Springs Golf Club, Kelowna BC